Building is Fun!

And if you get an Award for doing it that’s even better! This little gem caught the eye of the Cheltenham Civic Society and deemed it the best New House Build in Cheltenham.

Civic Awards 2013

Category One: New Building or Structure

16a, Rodney Road


Developer: Mr. L. Bales

Architect: Stanley Partnership

Contractor: Bales Homes Ltd.

Adjudication Panel’s Comments

This house is considered an intelligent approach to deal with the small space between two tall buildings and not clash with adjoining buildings. The scale and proportions of the component parts together with the unified colour approach contribute to the delight of the building. The individuality of the bay windows, the door handle running the height of the door, taking ones eye upwards, and the panes in the door complementing the small window at the raised ground floor level create a simple but elegant facade to the house. Painting the railings the same colour as the house adds to this.

Bales Homes Award